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Seeing Clearly…

I am currently working on two pages for this site. One is on Islamic and Judaic eschatology and its relationship with Christian end-times teaching, and the other is on the makeup of the enemy’s army. Both pages are complicated, and I am attempting to write them in a way that is easy to understand but still maintains the gravity of what these teachings really mean. In the meantime, I wanted to write this post on a subject that I have been thinking about for a while, and that apparently other people are starting to catch on to as well.

Famous People…

I was watching a video sent for approval to the Mark of The Beast Resistance Facebook group yesterday when I heard a statement that caused me to write this.. I am not sure how much longer Facebook will allow that group to remain active as I have several strikes already for “false information,” so I watch all videos before I approve them to make sure they match doctrine or at least have a valuable message, The video was by a guy named Amir Tsarfati, and although I do not agree with everything he says, not by a long shot, he still has good information on some subjects, such as Israel.

What Did He Say?

Mr. Tsarfati made a statement to the effect of how clear vision is called 20/20 vision, and that this year has allowed us to see things clearer. This caused me to pause for a minute and bring up some obscure information that I happen to have learned at some point in my life and think of it considering the pages I am putting together for this site. You see, one of the pages currently being worked on is on the makeup of the enemy’s very real human army, what groups and organizations they are, and what they really think and teach others about their plans. To outline briefly, there is a network of “secret societies” that have been working in the background since the beginning, however, in recent decades, they have largely come out of the shadows.

An Example…

In 2011, the “Copiale cipher” was decoded with modern computers, and it told a story that nobody expected. I remember reading about it when it happened and filing it under the “interesting” category in my head, but nothing much more, until this year. When the code was broken, the cipher told a story of how “the document had been created in the 1730s by a secret society called the “high enlightened (Hocherleuchtete) oculist order” of Wolfenbüttel, or Oculists. The Oculists used sight as a metaphor for knowledge.”

Sight as a Metaphor for Knowledge…

The Wikipedia page for the “Copiale cipher” states some interesting information, namely that, “The Oculists were a group of ophthalmologists led by Count Friedrich August von Veltheim, who died in April 1775. The Philipp 1866 Copiales 3 document, however, appears to suggest that the Oculists, or at least Count Veltheim, were a group of Freemasons who created the Oculist society in order to pass along the Masonic rites which had recently been banned by Pope Clement XII.”

So, What is Your Point?

Here at MOTBR, we want to bring all information that may be relevant to the eschatology of Christianity to light. This is one of those times when we cannot say for certain that this has relevance or not, but it still belongs in the “interesting” file. The fact there was a Secret Society called the “Oculists,” that based their initiations on the science of sight, and the fact that 20/20 Vision has come to mean perfectly clear vision through the ages, to us is more than a coincidence when taken in light of the events of this year. Looking at the year 2020, we continue to look at Luke 8:17, when it states, “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light.

Something To Think About…

I will continue to work on the pages to get them up as soon as possible. If you have not please go read the rest of the posts and pages. Thank you for your support!

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