Intro #2


Intro #2

In my original Introduction post, I made several comments that I believe caused some of my readers to have their interests peaked about who exactly this guy was that is writing in a way that makes sense about the end of the world and current events. In that introduction post, I came clean about family abuse, and we will speak no more on that, drug addiction, street gang membership, jail, and prison, following esoteric magick practices, and things that happened to me when I was young that in my opinion could only have been the same “abduction” experiences that many others have had. I alluded to the “Ancient Alien” theory and pointed to Nimrod being in the Bible and the Babylonian epochs.


The “On Integrity” page has other statements about me that anyone that reads this may find interesting. Again, after behaving in the way listed in the above paragraph, I went on at a late stage in life to earn three degrees, a couple of certificates, and an award or two. I live a very stable lifestyle in my own home, with my wife after going to a Christian one-year transitional housing program; I work with two non-profits and provide services to them and am currently on furlough from a school that hired me even with my felony convictions. To me, my credibility is as solid as I can make it at this point in my life, and I hope those credentials are solid enough for most reading these pages to at least consider what I write about and look at the sources. I try to source things in a way that is balanced to a degree, I only digress from that when I must show people the information they are not being told and bring in the actual conspiracy theories they are not hearing, or news they miss.

And Then…

After those first two outings into telling people about myself in an honest way, on the page, “On ‘Aliens’” I speak about my family history and events that happened to me, and speak in a way that should tell a discerning person that maybe I was not telling all, yet. Right now, I will dissolve any illusions, I am not going to divulge some huge secret here, I am not even sure I have any, but I do want to say something. Sometimes, in posts and pages, I will say things that may later mean something else. For example, in the post, “Indoctrination & The Real Purge,” I make the statement, “Have you ever seen the movie “Red Dawn?” The line “The chair is against the wall…” is one of the best lines in a movie ever. Sorry, I am a nerd, but that is a perfect example of how a post can be used later to relay information.”  – This is the post where I am going to relay that information.

Media Guy…

“Ready Player One,” to me, was an excellent movie. The way they integrated pop-culture into it makes me wish for the luxury of time to read the book. I could relate especially because I grew up in the 80s. Born in the mid-70s, and one of those kids bullied for being fat with acne, and infected with the dreaded “cooties,” I have seen technology grow, and as evidenced by this website, I still have some familiarity with tech. Sometimes the old school is best. There is soon coming a time when “tradecraft,” in the sense of dead letter drops, and other cold war spycraft will be necessary for those that are going to really resist the MOTB. This is what I mean about relaying information about, “The chair is against the wall.” This comes from the movie Red Dawn, and it is a radio broadcast heard in a scene meant to be heard by the resistance fighters behind the enemy lines. The next line is “John has a long mustache.” You need to know that each of these phrases would have had a complicated meaning to those that received it, and that is how “tradecraft” works.


This page is an example of the chair is against the wall. There could easily be an email sent with numbers representing rules for a way to receive messages from the individual letters from this page, or a combination of pages to spell out meeting locations, names, or any other information that would help a group of underground Christians to find support. The plan for the MOTBR has been from the beginning to further, “the Truth of Jesus Christ and preparing the Saints for the imminent realization that the “rapture” as taught, is wrong.” That would mean we too must prepare. So, let us ask you,

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