Compacted Research Video


Once again, I would like to apologize for not having the time to do a “write-up” for the issue that is addressed in this video. In reality, the style of writing I had envisioned for this site would have led to several different pages on several different issues. Unfortunately, I now realize the time frame I have is much more limited than I first thought, so I want to at least get this information out in some form, no matter how complicated so others can begin to research as well. Please keep in mind that again, there are several different things going on that form the underlying main issue of this particular video, and each one of them could easily form another “page” for this website. 

Something to Think About…

Listen guys Trump was the one that brought in “fake news,” something I give credit to RFB for helping me realize. This is turn is the exact reason I am writing this here instead of Facebook, which brings up another very good point. Removing yourself from Facebook and Twitter may be better for your personal sanity, but, the point can be made that you should likely do exactly the opposite of what everyone else is doing. If everyone is off certain platforms, that essentially “blinds” everyone else to what is going on there. It might be of service to actually stay on those platforms, if just silent, in order to have access to those streams of information so others can judge what to do in their personal life, especially if say an area is having riots or something because of some local incident. I think all Americans should be keeping their eyes open, especially at this time. I will work on installing a “chat” here as soon as I can. Until then, if anyone can reach him, tell RFB to come over here and read this, please. This would be a good time for anyone returning to read the post, “Intro #2,” if you have not yet, and keep in mind this is only being said for the same purpose that people have always had hiding places for persecution before they needed them. A good example of what I am talking about here is the YouTube channel “A Call for an Uprising,” and what he has to do to give his opinion on issues to his subscribers. Here is the Link for the video. Throughout this entire website, you will get ideas in the ads of things you may need soon as well, if you have not yet, get food! God Bless you all!