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This will be the cornerstone page of this website regarding the currently unfolding eschatological timeline of the planet, and how it is seen by two of the three so-called “Abrahamic” religions. Here at MOTBR, we feel that if a person does not understand what the other major religions of the world teach in their own eschatological studies, then it is impossible to have a thorough picture of what is really going to happen. For the purpose of this page we are not going to address the eschatology of the eastern religions but instead focus on the teaching of the three “Abrahamic” religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This is not to disregard the eastern religions, or their teachings regarding the end-times, in fact, we will be doing another page about them in the future, as the teachings, especially those teachings regarding what can only be called “aliens,” are relevant, and interesting.

About Abraham…

The reason why Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are called the “Abrahamic” religions is that all three religions trace their roots to the Biblical Patriarch Abraham. Starting in Chapter twelve of the Book of Genesis, we hear about “The Call of Abram.” This tells us about how God called a man named Abram and promised to make him a father of many nations. God changed his name from Abram to Abraham, and his wife’s name from Sarai to Sarah to indicate the promise made to them and their role in it. However, God took many years to fulfill this promise, and when Abraham was eighty-six years old, his wife Sarah decided to take things into her own hands and had Abraham sleep with her servant Hagar in order to have a child, thinking that must be what God had meant. This was a common practice at the time, but it was not the faith God was looking for, although undoubtedly it was a part of His master plan from the beginning.

Ishmael and the Muslim Faith…

After Hagar has sex with Abraham, Sarah in Genesis 16:4, “…began to despise her mistress.” Hagar, in turn, runs away from Sarah but is found by an “Angel of the Lord,” and he tells her to return, and then in Genesis 16:11, the Angel of the Lord tells her, “The angel of the LORD proceeded: “Behold, you have conceived and will bear a son. And you shall name him Ishmael, for the LORD has heard your cry of affliction..” Now, if you are not aware, Islam traces Muhammad’s lineage back to Ishmael, and that is why it is called an “Abrahamic” religion. According to Wikipedia, “Ishmael’s line is then traced from his son Kedar, then down through to Adnan, then to the Musta’riba, to the Quraysh. In this manner, Muhammad’s ancestry leads back to Ishmael.” Again, later in Genesis 16:12, the prophecy about Ishmael continues, “He will be a wild donkey of a man, and his hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.”” If this is not an accurate description of the Islamic nations and their relationship with the rest of the world, I am not sure what it is!

Now That That is Cleared Up…

Islamic eschatology is extremely interesting in that the characters involved in the Islamic timeline closely resemble those in both the Judaic and Christian timelines. In order to begin to understand Islamic eschatology, a person needs to understand that like the Talmud of Judaism, Islam has what is known as “Hadiths.” A Hadith is “a collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna), constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Koran.” It is very important to understand that “Hadiths have been called “the backbone” of Islamic civilization, and within that religion, the authority of hadith as a source for religious law and moral guidance ranks second only to that of the Quran.” When it comes to Islamic eschatology and end-times, most of the teachings come from the Hadiths.


This is a Christian website and we adherently hold that the Bible and the Bible alone is accurate in the correct and true timeline of end-times events, but this again is not to say a person cannot learn from studying other religions and what they teach, especially in the context of the Bible and what it means to believe in Jesus as Savior.


Let Us Begin – Sunni and Shia…

Something important that must be understood about Islamic eschatology is that there are differences between the Sunni and Shia teachings, and since I am aware that most people do not know what the differences are, or why there are differences at all, or even what the difference between a Sunni and a Shia is, I will start by explaining this in the easiest way I can, but understand, in Islam, rarely is something explained simply. When Mohammed died on Monday, 8 June 632, in Medina, at the age of 62 or 63, there was an immediate dispute as to who would lead the Islamic religion and Caliphate. One group which formed the Sunni Muslim community nominated Mohammed’s father-in-law to be the leader, or caliph, of the Islamic caliphate, or Islamic state. Another group, which formed the Shia’s, argued that Mohammed’s cousin and son-in-law was declared by Mohmmed himself to be the rightful heir. There were numerous wars and battles fought because of this difference in beliefs, but the long and short of it is this: Shia’s believe that only the family of Mohammed can be “Imams,” or leaders, Sunnis on the other hand, think anyone with the will and intelligence can become an Imam.

Eschatology in Common…

One thing that both Sunni and Shia Islam agree on is that there will be several sets of signs that will occur before the Day of Judgement, which is characterized by the annihilation of all life, which will then be followed by the resurrection and judgment by God. Sounds familiar, huh? There are multiple verses in the Qur’an mentioning the Last Judgment, but notably, not once mentioning anything resembling a “pre-trib rapture.” There are, however, fifty-three “lesser signs,” seven “greater signs,” and ten “major signs” before the “Day of judgment. I only mention this because, regardless of what you think of Islam when you understand how closely their end-times teaching resembles the Christian one, albeit with a few very important differences, then you start to realize that the event referred to as the “pre-trib rapture” would be mentioned in Islam end-times teaching if it were real. I can hear someone out there disagreeing so…

Disclaimer Number Two…

Again, we are Christian, and it is important to understand that we know that the Hadiths have several references that speak of Mohammed and the possibility that he was in fact, demon-possessed, and not “inspired by Allah.” According to one, Guillaume’s translation of Ibn Ishaq, on page 72, Mohammed’s wet nurse, when asked about an incident that happened with Mohammed, responds, “When she asked if I feared a demon had possessed him, I replied that I did.” There are several other stories, including the abject violence of his encounter with the “angel,” that leads us to think that Mohammed did, in fact, have an encounter with some “angel” within the heavenly hierarchy, but to say that he was “God-inspired” would be way off. More likely, Mohammed was sent to fulfill the prophecy in Genesis 16:12, which you will remember says, “He will be a wild donkey of a man, and his hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” To us, this means that he likely was given some information but twisted with a lie the way satan does with everything. There are some researchers who propose that “Allah” is in fact the name of the moon god, “sin” based on archaeological evidence from Saudi Arabia. The fact the “rapture” is not mentioned in Islamic eschatology we find very interesting, especially considering Isa, or Jesus returning in the Islamic end-times teaching. You would think that if the “rapture” were something real, and as significant an event as it supposedly will be, it would be mentioned, even in a lie from satan.

Anyway… The Mahdi…

One thing that both Sunni’s and Shia’s believe in is the coming of a person called the “Mahdi.” According to the Hadiths, the Mahdi is the “Rightly Guided One,” who will return alongside Jesus Christ and establish the Divine kingdom of God. The Mahdi is never mentioned in the actual Quran, however, only in the Hadiths, and this teaching is not essential to the Sunni’s understanding of Islam. According to Wikipedia, “Though the predictions of the duration of his rule differ, hadith are consistent in describing that God will perfect him in a single night, imbuing him with inspiration and wisdom, and his name will be announced from the sky. The Mahdi will bring back worship of true Islamic values and bring the Ark of the Covenant to light.” The reason it states that there is no consensus on how long the Mahdi will rule is that Abu Sa’id al-Khudri is quoted as saying, “…he will rule for seven years,” and, “He will rule for seven or eight years,” while At-Tirmidhi reported that Muhammad said, “he will be born and live to rule five or seven or nine years.” Now, where have we heard of a seven-year ruler before? Oh, yeah, Daniel 9:27, “And he will confirm a covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of the temple will come the abomination that causes desolation, until the decreed destruction is poured out upon him.

About That Ark…

Here is where things get a little interesting. There is a book, Massekhet Kelim, or “Treatise of the Vessels,” that was first published in Amsterdam in 1648. A later version, published in 1876, was almost identical to that first version. This book is about the lost Temple treasures and related legends, and it is very similar to the famous “Copper Scroll” that was found with the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran. The Treatise of the Vessels, unlike the Copper Scroll, does not give any description of the location of the Ark, however, it does say something very interesting, it states that the Ark “shall not be revealed until the day of the coming of the Messiah son of David.” So, to restate, both the Mahdi and one of the expected Jewish “Messiahs” are said to “find” or show up along with the Ark.

What Do You Mean One of the Messiahs?

For those that do now know or are not aware, the Rabbinical Jews have a belief that there are two messiahs. The “Mashiach,” or messiah, ben Yosef is a general who fights the war with Gog and Magog and is killed. A short time later, less than a year by most accounts, the Mashiach ben David arrives and establishes the messianic era. The role Mashiach ben Yosef plays has nothing to do with creating peace, gathering the Jews back to Israel, building the Temple, etc., he is purely a war leader. The Mashiach ben David, however, does play those roles and will reign as a Jewish king during the period when God will resurrect the dead. To the Jews, the idea that Jesus was the Suffering Messiah of Isaiah 53, and will return to play the role of a single Messiah that conquers and is King, is not something most are willing to consider, and they have the expectation that their messiahs are coming very soon.

Iran and The Twelfth Imam…

The branch of Islam known as Shia predominantly belongs to a sect called the “Twelvers.” The Twelvers, of which Iran’s Ayatollahs are the Supreme Leaders, have several beliefs, and the return of the Mahdi is universal to them. In fact, when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ran for his first public office, the Mayor of Tehran, his platform included upgrading the public transportation so that when the Mahdi returned, he would find it easy to get around the city. Another of the beliefs of the Twelvers is that the Twelfth Imam is the Mahdi, and he is currently “occulted” or hidden from the world but will return right before the end times. The Shia believe in 874 A.D., the then six-year-old son of the eleventh imam went into hiding to protect himself from the persecution of the reigning Abbasid empire, and he hid in a cave below a mosque in Samarra, which is in Karbala Iraq. They believe that he has revealed himself to several people over time and will end his “occultation” with his return to the world for the Last Judgment. The problem with Iran having a Shai leadership is that the Shia also believe that they can speed up the return of the Mahdi by creating chaos and forcing his hand.

The Dajjal…

While I could write a much longer page or even multiple pages on these subjects, and there is a lot a person could study about all of this, I want to be as concise as I can here. Both the Mahdi and the expected Jewish “Messiah” are supposed to show up at the same time as the Ark of the Covenant, and the Mahdi is expected to rule the entire world for seven years, but is there anything else that would be relevant to Christian eschatology in the teachings about the Mahdi? Well, that depends, there is another “bad guy” in the Islamic eschatology called the Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or the “deceiving messiah,” and according to the Hadith’s, the Mahdi will defeat the Dajjal in Jerusalem with the help of Isa, or Jesus, at the very end of everything. According to the Muslims, the Dajjal is supported by an army of demons, and his “most reliable supporters will be the Jews, to whom he will be the incarnation of God.” After the defeat of the Dajjal, Jesus supposedly will then tell the world that we should all follow “Allah,” and that we were wrong about believing in him. One of the most interesting aspects of the Dajjal is his physical appearance. According to the Hadith’s, the Dajjal only has one eye. If you are not aware of the one-eyed symbolism that is an Illuminati hallmark, all you have to do is look at the back of a one-dollar bill and you will see the eye above the pyramid.

Who Is He, Really?

To us, it would seem clear that the Mahdi of the Islamic end times shares a lot in common with the antichrist of Christianity. The fact that the Mahdi and the expected Jewish Messiah are both said to appear along with the Ark showing up, to us, is very relevant as well. The opinion at the MOTBR is that whoever is named the Jewish “Messiah,” well, that person will in fact be the antichrist as well. Regarding the Dajjal, it is hard to say his correlation with Christian eschatology, although he is said to be able to “perform miracles,” which the antichrist is also said to be able to do. We find it interesting that he is said to have one eye, in light of the “All-seeing eye” symbolism. Second Thessalonians 2:9 says, “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,” and to us, this does not necessarily mean “miracles.” To us, “Lying wonders” could mean appearing to foster peace on earth and being accepted by the Jewish priests and Islamic Imams could easily be a “sign,” as could all of a sudden “finding” the Ark. Revelation 13:13 says, “And the second beast performed great signs to cause even fire from heaven to come down to earth in the presence of the people,” and to us, this “miracle” as it has always been called, could easily be a D.E.W., or Directed Energy Weapon, much talked about, but claimed to not exist in space, able to be “called down” to earth. One thing that is for sure, the Muslim world makes up a lot of the earth’s population, and with the rise of ecumenicalism, and the growing forming of what is popularly known as “Chrislam,” it will be interesting to see if someone is named as the Jewish “Messiah,” and how the Muslims respond to that announcement. 

Something To Think About…

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