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Sell Your Soul

For The Sake of Argument…

I realize that there are likely many people reading this that have little to no understanding of what blockchain technology is, or how and why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have developed actual monetary value because of them. I am going to use this page as an educational essay for someone with little to no background in blockchain to help bring them up to speed, and then I will make some relevant points about this technology in the context of eschatological (end-times) teachings.

The Basics…

In the simplest terms, a blockchain is a special database. The data is added to the database in “blocks” that are “chained” together in chronological order in what is often referred to as a “ledger.” Most blockchain databases are not centralized. This “decentralization” across the “nodes” of the system is what makes blockchain technology nearly impossible to hack, or counterfeit. Another aspect of this is that every node has a copy of the entire blockchain, meaning information is never lost. When a transaction goes into the blockchain, such as a sale, the nodes will perform calculations called “proof of work” and will come out with an answer that yes, this is a valid transaction, or no it is not. If the transaction does not appear exactly in all the nodes, it is known to be bad, and will not “prove out.” Now, that is a simplistic explanation, but it basically covers enough for the purpose of this essay.

Money, Money, Money, Money, Mooooonnnnneeeeeeyyyyyy!

This is the Mark of the Beast Resistance, and we are firm believers “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. By craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows” so if you thought you were going to get financial advice here, you are mistaken. I am going to speak later about my personal plans, and then you can make decisions about what you want to do on your own, but for now, I am just going to make some general observations. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have values only because people believe they have value. However, the same can be said for anything really. The fact that China, the United States, and many other countries hold cryptocurrency in their reserves speaks volumes to the fact that they are not some “fly by night” new thing that will go away soon. Major Banks have recently begun to hold and deal with cryptocurrency, and the recent attempts by Pelosi during the Covid stimulus package negotiations to legislate the creation of a “Digital Dollar,” is a sure sign of things to come.

About That Blockchain…

Blockchain technology is most often used as a transactional ledger, but that is not the only thing that gets transmitted through the blocks. Any data can be put into a blockchain including images and videos, leading to the inevitable child pornography being permanently stored in the blockchain. When the repercussions from adopting blockchain technology into human life are finally seen for what they are, those early complaints about child porn will be quite ironic, to say the least. No matter what they may want you to think about the glorious digital future, it is not a utopia, but rather a dystopia…

Riches Like You Had Apple Stock!

With the rise of the N.W.O., the soon coming implementation of the “Great Reset,” and the inevitability of the “Green New Deal,” blockchain technology will rapidly be more and more accepted. China recently announced the release of the “Digital Yuan,” and you can be assured the United States will be soon to follow with the “Digital Dollar.” When this happens, there will be a lot of people that will make some good money by being invested in these cryptocurrencies. It will be akin to owning Apple stock when it was first introduced. Yes, it will make people rich, but it will only offer advantages for a very short period of time. One of the biggest pros of cryptocurrency, in general, is that it is decentralized, meaning (theoretically) outside of government control. However, as seen by the creation of the Chinese digital Yuan, and the illegalization of many things throughout time, those people who tout crypto for the aspect of being free from government control, will be the same ones that will hand it over when it is declared illegal.

End Game for the Blockchain…

Blockchain technology will eventually be integrated into not only being the basis of the financial systems of the planet under the “Great Reset,” but it will also come to dominate every aspect of our day to day lives. There will be no court system as we know it. You will simply be presented with evidence that you were in fact at whatever place at whatever time because the 5G networks logged you there and the blockchain shows that it is true. Literally, everything will change, and very, very, soon. Blockchain technology is the system that will allow the global financial transactions to be traced through the Mark of The Beast, and it could not have happened until now, which is just another proof of the days and times we live in.

So What Am I Doing, Personally?

I was lucky enough to learn about blockchain technology when I was blogging on the Steemit platform a few years ago. The Steemit platform ties blog posts to crypto on a blockchain and allowed me to make about five thousand dollars in a few months, writing for about an hour a day. When I realized that I could transfer the crypto in my very real bank account for very real dollars, I began to not care why it was worth money, just that it was. Now, for me, it would seem that if the global government plans on making everything digital soon, there is going to come a time when people who have some bigger cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, or some easy to use ones, such as Ripple, well, they will have a time window where they may have crypto that they can still turn into real money, in the form of cash, gold, or assets, before everything goes digital. This could provide someone a great opportunity. So, being clear that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR, I personally hold about a thousand dollars in cryptocurrency, split evenly between Bitcoin, and Ripple. My plan is not to get rich, my plan is to see if my predictions are correct about the financial systems of the future and if they are, to use them to my advantage in avoiding the Mark of the Beast. After all, if I had millions in digital money, it may be possible to order everything, and not take the actual mark, at least for a while. With Ripple currently at forty-eight cents and Bitcoin hovering around the eighteen thousand dollar range, imagine waking up and one of them was one hundred dollars and the other was fifty thousand dollars…nice way to start your day for sure until you consider it means the world took another step closer to the end…and the Mark of The Beast

What To Do?

If you are interested in investing or trading in cryptocurrencies, you will need a Coinbase account. If you use my referral code to log in to Coinbase, then decide to trade at least one hundred dollars in crypto, I will get a reward. So, just to help me, if this is something you have been thinking of doing, research more of course, and then create a Coinbase account and get started! I started by putting twenty dollars a check-in there and still do at times. You do what is right with you and your budget, but know you could lose as well….but please look at these very real predictions. Bloomberg – three hundred thousand dollars for Bitcoin, and from “Crypto News Flash” twenty-five to thirty dollars for Ripple, up from forty-eight cents. To me leaving a thousand in the Coinbase in the hopes it will turn into ten is a risk I will take…

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