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A Set of Commandments You Have Likely Never Heard Of…

This writing is going to be the most important page on this site, and unfortunately, it will also be the hardest to believe for most readers, even though every word of it is true, and everything here will be referenced. The reason this writing will be so difficult to believe is that, again, the American Evangelical Church has been corrupted from the inside for many years, and they have taught these doctrines for so long, they have become accepted as fact without question. If you have not read the page on “The Fly Away Doctrine,” it is suggested you do so before continuing here. Please, understand that the teaching and doctrines of most Churches in this country have been subjugated to the will of outside organizations with their own plans and goals for many years. This has been done through the formation of guidelines and doctrines put forward by church councils that had infiltrated agents from the enemy sitting on them. When you realize this, then it becomes easier to understand the ugly truth I am about to tell you. That truth is this: When Israel became a nation, it started the clock for the good guys and the bad guys. What this means is that while your Church was praying for Israel’s safety and prosperity, the devil was also making plans using the Jewish nation.

About That Synagogues of Satan…

This is where I am going to be careful and walk on eggshells with what I write. There have been numerous writings in the “conspiracy circles” over the years about the Jewish nation and its origins. We are not going to go over any of the theories about the origins of the Hebrews, the Ashkenazi Jews, the Sephardic Jews, the lost tribes of Israel, who the chosen people really are, or who the 144,000 will be. Here we are going to stick to real issues that can be verified. We are Christian and do not in any way want to be accused of any form of anti-Semitism here. We do, however, want to inform our readers of things that are true, that they may not be aware of. When it comes to Israel, most Christians are remarkably unaware of the real beliefs held by them, and what it means for them.

God’s Chosen People…

One thing that most Christians do not realize about the Jewish people in general and Israel as a whole is that when you identify as “God’s chosen people,” it is very difficult to not have a dangerous level of ethnocentrism develop in the national identity. Really think about what the statement “We are the people chosen by God,” means and what it means for how Israel looks at other nations. I am not making any observations about the truth of the statement here, because it is obvious that Israel holds a special place in God’s eyes, I am just pointing out what it means for the planet when one nation believes that every other nation on Earth is there to serve them, and even though you have most likely not been told that, it is true. When Christians think of the Jewish nation, most often, they conjure up images of Old Testament priests sacrificing at the temple and do not understand that the Bible that Christians call the Old Testament is not the same as the Talmud, which is what the vast majority of Jewish people follow. It is called Rabbinical Judaism if you did not know.

Two Teachings from One Book…

The Jewish religion is something that is known as an “ethnic religion,” and not a “universal religion,” such as Christianity or Islam. This means that the “religion” of Judaism is directly tied to the Jewish “people” as a “race” or “ethnicity” and this thinking has led to a definite feeling of “superiority” among the Jewish people. What most people do not understand is most of the Jewish teaching does not come from what Christians call the Bible, or what is called the Tanakh in Hebrew, but instead comes from what is known as the “Midrash,” and the “Talmud.” The Midrash and Talmud are books that are “expositions” or explanations of the Biblical scriptures made by prominent rabbis, or teachers throughout time, and these books now number sixty-three volumes. That means there are sixty-three books of the “Mishnah” that all contain instructions on what it means to follow Judaism, beyond what the Bible teaches. In other words, reading the Bible does not explain Judaism. To understand modern Judaism, you must understand Rabbinical Judaism, and to understand that you must learn about the Talmud.

The Rabbis…

The Talmud was written by Jewish scholars and is the primary source for all Jewish religious law and theology. Instead of looking to God’s word for guidance, the Jewish people who follow Rabbinical Judaism look to man’s interpretation of God’s word, and this always causes problems, and in this case, it is no different. Because there were two major centers for Jewish scholarship in the ancient world, there developed two different works of the Talmud. The oldest, the so-called Jerusalem Talmud, found its way into the Mishneh Torah of Rabbi Maimonides. This Rabbi, Maimonides, is one of the leading Jewish scholars when it comes to interpretations about the coming Jewish “messiah,” and the rebuilding of the Third Temple, what the Jews refer to as the “Coming Messianic Kingdom.”

About That Talmud…

The Talmud has several teachings in it that you will not read about, or even find, in the Bible itself. One of these teachings is the “Seven Laws of Noah.” According to the Talmud, when Noah landed the Ark, God gave him seven “laws” that were to be followed by the “sons of Noah” – that is, all of humanity that is not Jewish. When a person reads the “Noahide Laws” they at first appear innocuous and innocent. But like Agenda 21 and the Great Reset, what seems innocent is not. The admonition in the Noahide laws against idolatry makes any Christian that believes in the trinity of the Godhead guilty of violating the law. According to the Wikipedia page on the Noahide laws, “The Talmud lists the punishment for blaspheming the Ineffable Name of God as death,” and most important from this page’s point of view, “The sons of Noah are to be executed by decapitation for most crimes.” According to Maimonides, teaching non-Jews to follow the Seven Laws of Noah is incumbent on all Jews, a commandment in and of itself. But why should we care what they think in Israel, right?

The United Nations and The Noahide Laws

When looking into this subject, the question quickly becomes how these “laws” that are not in the Bible, somehow are important, especially to someone that does not live in Israel. Well, in the United States, the House said in a Joint Resolution of the 102nd Congress, “Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the Rebbe’ (R. Menachem Mendel Schneerson), his birthday will be designated as `Education and Sharing Day U.S.A.’ and this year, his 91st will mark a new beginning in an age-old commitment to education, accompanied by an increase in general acts of sharing with another, in order to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws.” “Return to the Seven Noahide Laws?” When have these “laws” ever been followed, or even heard of?  Perhaps we should ask the United Nations, who, in 2013, “On the heels of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 19th Yahrtzeit, members of the UN Diplomatic corps, UN Press Officers, and other officials gathered at the UN headquarters in New York to learn how the Seven Noahide Laws must play a key role in international efforts for world peace.” World Peace huh?

I have Heard This Somewhere Before…

1 Thessalonians 5:3 says, “While people are saying, “Peace and security, destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.” Ladies and Gentlemen, these things I write about simply cannot be a coincidence. When I write about The United Nations Agenda 21, The Great Reset, and Vaccines and Digital Identity, all these things happening at the same time are not a coincidence. It is also not a coincidence that these events all coincide with the eschatology of the three religions based on Abraham and the nation of Israel. I really do not like being the one to bring these topics to people’s attention, and I do not enjoy being the one that makes these hidden things clear for average people to learn, but apparently, I am tasked with this mission. My life was one where I had time to study these topics in-depth and really think about them, and I am blessed with the ability to explain things in an engaging way that is easy to understand, or so I have been told. If you have not yet please read this introduction post to better understand what I am saying here. Ladies and Gentlemen, there really is a Global Plan to bring in a one-world religion, under the guise of the Seven Noahide “Laws,” and apparently, the leaders of the three Abrahamic religions also have a plan to name someone the “messiah” in the very near future. This is all tied to the other topics I have written about, and the penalty for violating these laws is death by beheading. That must be another coincidence, right?

Revelation, 20:4, “Then I saw the thrones, and those seated on them had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image, and had not received its mark on their foreheads or hands. And they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

I will write about the eschatology of Judaism and Islam next…

Benjamin Netanyahu as a Younger Man…

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