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Before you begin…

The framework of This website is almost complete as far as “pages” go, although I may have one or two left to write after this one. This page, however, will be the one that will be the hardest for me to write personally. Hopefully, if you have read through this site, you have some idea of the way I think, and why I think that way. Before reading this page, I highly recommend you read the page. “On Integrity,” and also the “Introduction” post, as that will allow you to judge my credentials better than if you were to only read this page. The reason I say this page will be hard to write is that I will be touching on a subject that I am personally familiar with. Yes, I am personally familiar with the so-called “Alien question.”

The Slow Leak…

There has been a concerted effort in recent years to release information in a way that is low-key, but undeniable. Likely, much of what I am going to relate here is going to be information you have not heard before, but as always, I will link everything, and let you decide how reliable the information is. In this case, the links are all going to be for mainstream news outlets, and that reinforces my point, that there is an effort to release information in a way that is not alarming, but also in a way that leaves no doubt about the authenticity of the subject. For example, in case you missed it, and I am sure a lot of you have, on December 8th, 2020, NBC News ran the headline and story, “Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it.” This headline was mirrored all over the world because it was an AP Press release. To summarize the article, aliens are real, we are working with them, and everyone knows but you.

What Else?

Again, in April of 2020, the AP wire reports released another story picked up all over the world when the U.S. Navy officially released gun camera footage of U.F.O.’s that had been released by other sources previously. According to a CNN story based on the AP release, one pilot said that “As I got close to it … it rapidly accelerated to the south and disappeared in less than two seconds.” On earth, we have no technology that can achieve that type of aerodynamic behavior, nor could a human absorb the forces involved and survive. Obviously, this technology is from somewhere besides the accepted technological timeline of this planet.


What Do You Mean?

The MOTBR holds the view that “Aliens” are real, and they are the “Angels” of the Bible. This is a simplistic way to look at it, but it is a start. Genesis 6:1-3, to us, is clearly speaking of real “beings” that had real sex with real women. Our understanding is that there is a group of very real, flesh, and blood creatures that have a closer connection to the Godhead than we humans do. There is one group, that is with Jesus, and still loyal to Him, that is on the way back here to set up their Kingdom as we speak. The other group, we think the evidence shows, is trapped on and in the earth., and is currently working with the world’s governments. The “Hollow Moon” and “Deep Underground Military Bases” theories both seem to be relevant regarding the “Prison planet” theory.

But What Are They?

If you think in terms of real creatures, with extremely long lifespans, and of course, eternal souls, then you are beginning to have an understanding that will help you to survive what is coming. We also believe that “Spiritual Warfare” is a very real thing, and a good way to think about it is that your soul is the same as your “aura.” I am not trying to bring in any esoteric teachings here, I just think if you think of things this way, then it is easy to see how astral travel, and other practices of the secret societies, can really impact a person in their life, and how “demons” work as well. Therefore, prayer is so very important. To walk with Jesus daily, who then can stand?


Family Line…

I would like to tell you that my family name goes back to the twelfth century, and when we left there, we had money, but when we got here, we did not – much to my dismay. My family name is also the “keepers” of a Saints relic in the catholic church. Ironically, the saint is the patron saint of the mentally ill. I say that to say this, we also always had a “family secret,” and without getting too much into it, yes, we did. To put it simply, mind games were something big in my family, and so was abuse. When I was very young, age four, I learned to read, and I have memories very clear, from ages three and four, regardless of what the scientists say is possible. The reason I know my memories are accurate is that I have asked my mother, stepfather, aunts, and uncles to verify specifics that I remembered to see if they were later in life. Details, like wall color, the “secret closet door,” I had in my room, the carpet color, the fact that I liked to lay on the bathroom tile floor when I was sick, I am confident that these memories are accurate. The problem with that is that the other very clear memories I have from that same time period.

Here We Go…

My favorite uncle was a Marine, but not just any Marine, as my mother always told me how he had a “special job,” in the corps, although she never really elaborated at that time. It was always a big deal when he came to visit, and he played a prominent role in my entire life. He retired a Colonel, no small feat, and most of his career he programmed code for the Mobile Air Command. Again, I am not going to get into my family details, but this point is relevant, I think because if the military ever had access to the family for experiments, it would have been through him. When I was young, I remember “floating” around my room, normally towards the window. I also have memories of being in a room with other children and feeling as though I was being tested against them. I have a lot of other memories, but again, without getting into my personal details, I know enough through my study to know that I have several traits in common with other people that have similar family histories. I also know that I have had a very distinct feeling from a very young age that I would die in the “end of the world.” If you want to know about the entire abduction experience, and what is common to most, Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” is a good place to start. As for me personally, that is all I want to say currently on this subject.


Oh Yeah…

Now that I have given the trolls something to eat, allow me to continue. This is where we get out of the mainstream articles and get off into the conspiracy world. That is not to say that the sources are any less credible, in fact, to us, they are more credible, but they are not NBC and CNN. First, there is a very well-known source in the conspiracy world named Phil Schneider that you may not have heard of, and his story is incredible. He speaks about his time working for the government as a geologist and helping to engineer “Deep Underground Military Bunkers.” The amazing thing about his story is when he tells of fighting a battle against “Aliens” when they accidentally break into a cavern they are occupying. He shows the three fingers missing on his hand and a hole in his side from when the “Alien” used a “ray” on him. I mean, hard to fake holes in the side. Phil Schneider, like many others, had his death ruled a “suicide,” even though it was highly doubtful he did so.

And Then There Is…

In the age of Julian Assange and Wikileaks, another “celebrity” in the U.F.O. field you should be aware of is Gary McKinnon. McKinnon was accused in 2002 of the “biggest military computer hack of all time.” The Wikileaks article states he hacked “97 United States military and NASA computers over a 13-month period between February 2001 and March 2002, at the house of his girlfriend’s aunt in London, using the name ‘Solo’.” The thing that makes McKinnon famous is the fact that the U.S. acknowledges that he did in fact hack them, and according to him, he saw some very interesting things. According to a Wired article, McKinnon says, “I also got access to Excel spreadsheets. One was titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” It contained names and ranks of U.S. Air Force personnel who are not registered anywhere else. It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I’ve never seen the names of these ships noted anywhere else.”

About NASA…

I made a statement on the “YouTube and Reality” page about the flat earth and stand by that statement. If you can explain how the StarLink satellites can be seen at a precise time according to flat earth theory, then please fill out the form with an explanation (Not a YouTube link). Now, this is not to say that NASA does not lie, the evidence says that yes, of course, NASA lies. The extensive Freemasonic ties to NASA make this clear. You did not know there was Masonic Lodge on the moon? Well, there is. There is also another “celebrity” in the U.F.O. field that you likely have not heard about, and her name is Dr. Carol Rosin. She was the former spokesperson for Wernher von Braun who was the NAZI engineer and SS member who used concentration camp slave labor then went on to be the head of NASA leading to the Apollo moon program. He was able to do this because Von Braun was brought to the United States under Project Paperclip after World War Two, with many other NAZI engineers and scientists. This led to the infiltration of American academia as most took teaching positions as they continued to pursue the same studies that they were under the NAZI’s. Dr. Rosin makes the statement that she was told by Von Braun on many occasions that “the last card” that will be played by the N.W.O. will be a fake Alien invasion. It is difficult to find a transcript of her statements, but the videos of her are easy to access, so watch this video and decide for yourself if she is credible.

The “Fake” Program…

Often referred to in the conspiracy circles, but also rarely known outside of them is something called “Project Bluebeam.” This theory was put forward by a Québécois investigative journalist, poet, essayist, and conspiracy theorist named Serge Monast. The theory states in a simple form that the world powers that be are going to “fake” an Alien invasion in order to bring the planet together under one banner to fight the oncoming menace. One version of the theory states that they will simultaneously “kidnap” people around the world in order to “fake” the rapture. Supposedly then the “Aliens” will tell us that there is another Alien race coming to enslave us, and the planet needs to prepare to war against them when they return. This “project” will be accomplished with advanced technology holograms and voice to skull technology so that everyone sees and hears the same thing. The “Chemtrails” that have been sprayed on the planet for years is supposedly a way to turn human into antennas in order to receive the Bluebeam message. The result seems to be a planet that is willing to accept the reality of “Alien gods,” and will be willing to accept the “help” of one race in order to war against another.

But Is It Though?

The funny thing about “Project Bluebeam,” is the complete lack of coverage other than in the so-called “underground.” Serge Monast has a Wikipedia page, but the actual “project” does not. You can find a debunking article on the “Rational Wiki” telling you all the reasons why Bluebeam is fake, but you can also find some very convincing articles and videos confirming the theory as well. To us, there just is not enough evidence to say one way or another, but this theory does fit in well with what the Bible tells us about the “end-days.” We believe there is ample evidence that states the world governments are aware of and are working with “Aliens”. We also think that in light of the “rapture” being false teaching, the “powers that be” will have to come up with some way to either “fake” the rapture, or there will have to be a big enough event that makes the Christians still on the earth accept the “Aliens” as being here to help, and not as the Fallen Angels that they really are.

One Last Thing…

In 1997, a former Colonel in the United States Army, Philip J. Corso, published a book titled, “The Day After Roswell.” This book told of the U.F.O. Crash at Roswell, New Mexico, and how Corso’s position in the Foreign Technology Desk as Special Assistant to Lt General Arthur Trudeau led him to “seed” out the Alien technology to several U.S. technology firms so that they could back engineer it. He claims to this day that the development of accelerated particle beam devices, fiber optics, lasers, integrated circuit chips, and Kevlar material all came from this back-engineering. This is not the first time there have been claims that the government was working with Alien technology. Bob Lazar became famous in the 1980s when he came out about working at Area 51, and the much less well-known Area S-4. He told stories about back-engineering U.F.O.’s and alluded to working with the “Aliens.” The theories about “Deep Underground Military Bunkers” or “D.U.M.B.’s” and the conspiracy theories regarding the Denver International Airport, and the Dulce Underground Base, lead us to believe that indeed there is a group of “Aliens” living in underground bunkers, and that are in fact working with the government.


On this page, I linked the Rational Wiki and regular Wikipedia pages for the purpose of not trying to send people down rabbit holes. It is getting more and more difficult to find information on Google, but I understand that a lot of my readers are just becoming aware of some of the information I am presenting to them. Therefore, I do not want to send people to pages that are talking about the underground bases where ten-foot-tall lizard “Aliens” are eating people because they are trapped on this planet by our “death star” moon, even if they may be true, because I do not want people to write these things off as “crazy.” This is very important information that will become more and more relevant as time goes on. The “transhuman agenda” is being orchestrated as we speak, and Digital Identification and The Mark of the Beast is just a part of it. Accepting the “Aliens” so that they can once again enjoy sex with human women is another, but no less real part of the agenda. If you have not heard it yet, maybe I could interest you in listening to the song “Extraterrestrial” by the famous Illuminati shill Katy Perry before you write off this page…

Just Something More to Think About…

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