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When Times Were Simpler…?

It scarcely needs to be mentioned that the world of today is drastically different than the world of even a few decades ago. Younger generations now are more educated and comfortable in some subjects, such as technology, but critically lacking in several other basic vital skills. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills have, some say deliberately, been removed from the education systems today, in favor of “teaching to the test,” and so-called “common core” education.


This change in the education systems, along with the much-lamented “emotional needs come before life skills” techniques that taught that every child who participated deserved a trophy, along with the increase of state observation of the children from an early age through head-start programs, with their included but not widely known about oversight by the local child protection agency, led to a very different school system for our children than we were brought up in.

Again, So?

This page is not going to be a discussion of why these things happened, as that would bring up the inevitable observation that while you watched sports, handed your children cell phones, and failed to hold your local school board accountable, the “powers that be” were hard at work. We will however discuss what the results are, and they seem to be that the entire planet has come to the point where Matthew 10:21 “ Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rise against their parents and have them put to death.,” can easily come to pass. We will also say that all of this is the United States’ fault…

But… Murica!

Well, see, that is the problem. It is called “ethnocentrism,” and it has caused, and continues to cause trouble for people able to be manipulated because of their beliefs that they are superior to others for some inherent reason, such as being from a particular race, religion, or country. Do not feel bad though, you were set up, from before you were born…

The Old Days…

Do you know how you were taught that the U.S. was something that randomly kind of happened over time after the poor persecuted Christians fled Europe? That the federation of states formed under a constitutional republic was an organic thing that the “Founding Fathers” fretted over before finally forming and how it all centered on “Religious Freedom?” Remember learning how this “New Idea” was something that the fledgling “United States” fought a war with England over, ostensibly to secure “Independence?” Remember the lies and legends you were told about George Washington and how he “Would not tell a lie?” Or how he had wooden teeth? What about Ben Franklin and how he quaintly “discovered” electricity? Yeah, I am sorry to tell you, but those are all lies that were taught to you in order to develop a feeling of “Unity” in the population while at the same time acknowledging the “superiority” of the masonic ideals that really founded this country. The ideals that, very much on purpose, built into the country’s very framework an innate evil that would be called upon in the future to destroy the very same country supposedly dedicated to “Freedom…”

A Theory You Have Never Heard Before…

There was a show on the History Channel a while back called “America Unearthed.” Now, here at MOTBR, we try to look at things from an educated perspective, and since this author holds a Baccalaureate in Digital Media with a Minor in Professional Communications, I can tell you unequivocally that major networks do not air shows without a reason. Yes, the argument could be made that profit is the overlying motive for television programming, but in today’s age, the argument could equally be made that the Consolidation of Media Channels has as much to with it as anything else. It is undeniable that this consolidation of media restricts the amount and quality of the information you receive. In fact, depending on how controversial the subject matter, you may have extreme difficulty even locating the information on mainstream channels. So why was this series, with this storyline produced?

The Plotline…

The basics of the show is a running theme called the “Hooked X” theory, which is mainly promulgated by a guy named Scott Wolter, who is a “Forensic Geologist” according to his self-published biography. The theory goes as such, the Knights Templar came to the United States in the late 1300s and left a record all over the country. The main piece of evidence has been the so-called “Kensington Runestone,” discovered in 1898 and dated to 1362. Through studies of a certain masonic mark on the stone, called “The Hooked X,” and found in other places in the U.S. and the rest of the world, Wolter theorizes that the Knights Templar came here to stake out the “New World,” according to ancient laws, for their plan for the world. In fact the Bible would seem to speak to this “Spiritual Law” about marking out areas for spiritual use, as in Proverbs 22:28 “Do not move an ancient boundary stone which your fathers have placed

What It Means for Now…

It would seem that knowing the Order of the Knights Templar is where to roots of freemasonry comes from, knowing their history throughout time along with the Illuminati infiltration of masonry, and watching what is going on in the world now, when the Bible speaks in Luke 8:17 when “ there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light.” It knew exactly what it was talking about…

So…The History Channel…

If we assume that the History Channel does not just put on random shows for no reason, and the entire “Nostradamus Effect,” “Ancient Aliens,” or the classic “Revelation: End of Days” series of shows that was on their playlist, often at the same time, for a reason. Then if we bring in the entire “Are they using predictive programming” question, it is easy to see why the following video is relevant.

The question then becomes whether Mr. Wolter was really “discovering” this information or leaking it…


Just like the idea that the Nazis killed the Jews in World War Two as a sacrifice to get the “End-Days” clock ticking, our theory is the U.S. was staked out for the satanic N.W.O. plan for the “One World System” long, long, before the gears of WWII ever got spinning. We think Mr. Wolter is right, but not for the glorious plan he and others would have you believe. No, the plan is the extinction of whole groups that simply do not agree with their plans…

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